Fogging up the windows...back to Sweat and Soul!

After almost two full weeks away from Boston, it was great to finally put my feet on East Coast soil on Saturday night. When I travel, it is often hard to connect with my husband and actually speak on the phone - we have to communicate a lot through it was great to see him and actually have a real conversation! And it was also wonderful to see Wren and Scout (the furry feline loves of my life). Third to that is being back to my fitness routine and my normal studio schedule. Yesterday, I really wanted something different so I caught a great Pilates Fusion class at SASY with Eliza Nimon. She is great and the class was really tough. I do abs fairly religiously, but I'm quite certain she was hitting muscles I didn't realize were connected to my stomach. I woke up this morning with the distinct feeling that I had done abwork the night before. I've done the Pilates Reformer a few times, but hello mat pilates - I loved it. So did my abs. Or rather, I think I will love how my abs look after doing it :o) Eliza teaches at SASY on Monday and Wednesday at 12.15 and Sunday at 3.45. Check her out!

Today was back to Alex Austin's Vinyasa class. I take from him several times a week and his class is one of the highlights of my day. I love yoga teachers that bring out joy. Alex is amazingly talented, very soulful, and stresses how important it is to ENJOY what you are doing, and if possible, to SMILE. His classes are a little bit of a mellow rap of sorts with great playlists. Anyone who has taken a class with Alex knows what I mean when I say how much I love the phrases he repeats - "Your Breath. Your Body. Your Practice" or "Calm Mind, Open Heart." He reminds his students that it isn't a competition (come to your mat with a "humble confidence"), but rather a chance for you to connect with yourself and contribute to the collective energy that is born in the class. I have made some major breakthroughs over the past few months in his class - side crow, wheel, better half moons than I ever have. Mostly, though, I find myself smiling more, and not sweating it when I fall out of tree or can't get my arms to work right in something. Alex is a wonderful teacher - and always seems to be present in his teaching. He is with you in that moment. Not every teacher is - and I deeply respect him for that. Namaste, Alex, and many, many thanks. I'm sure there will be frequent references to Alex on this blog - so if you are in Boston - check him out at SASY or Back Bay, or at his personal website, which is to the right.

SASY is heated. Not Bikram hot, but heated to somewhere betwen 85 and 90ish. I love the heat, particularly as it gets colder here in Boston. Today, the windows were totally fogged up halfway through class and I was grateful for my yogitoes (as I always am - see the side link if you've never used them - they are a great yoga towel that fits over your mat to catch sweat). I used to be afraid of heated yoga, which I think really stemmed from a fear of sweating that much in a public place or the notion (which now seems slightly ridiculous) that I would pass out. Now my opinion is - bring it on - and the hotter, the better. I do my best yoga in a heated room and seek it out now instead of being afraid. Another amazing lesson to be filed under "things you're afraid of that actually make you better once you try them."

This week is Thanksgiving week. And while we should be thankful everyday (really every hour, every minute), it is a good week to remember gratitude. Today, I am thankful for being home and appreciating how wonderful it is to have a home. I am thankful for a wonderful job that challenges me everyday and that gives me flexibility to work from home whenever I want or need to.

Be thankful for something today, even if it is just stopping to be grateful for one deep inhale, and one deep exhale.

-Grateful Yogi