Friday Night Lights (Out?) ... Freedom Joy Yoga

Tonight I was finally able to take a class that I have been wanting to take for several months...Freedom Joy Yoga with Peter Crowley at Back Bay (Fridays at 7.00pm...he also teaches Forrest at BBY several times a week and Club Yoga at SASY on Wednesdays). It was completely worth the wait.

I always get excited going to a class that I've never been to before. It's a new experience, you never know quite what to expect, and especially with a name like Freedom Joy Yoga - it had the makings for fun. 

I was not disappointed - it was amazing! First of all, it's a night time class - and it's done mostly in the dark - with a little moonlight and some very soft small lights in the studio and a few candles. Perfect way to end the evening and week. The surprise happened just shortly after class began...after about 20 minutes of vinyasa flow - we are club dancing! For over 20 minutes and several songs. All over the studio, in between mats, over mats, next to people you don't know in whatever way you want to rock it out. The very type A part of me was a little overwhelmed, but 2 minutes later, I was dancing with everybody else, really getting into the Yeah, I get it now. The name is PERFECT. The studio also recently installed a disco ball...that was brought out during the dancing part of the evening and really added to the mood. For that reason, I'm glad I waited to try the class. 

disco_ball.bmp (450×305)

There are certainly people that would say - yoga should be done in silence, to listen to your breath, to be connected with the universe in a quiet way. That is great for those people, but I find that I am really liking the type of yoga that pushes convention to the edge (or out the window entirely). As long as you are with like-minded people, all working towards the same goal of a great practice - the unique way you get there is part of the journey. This is about the closest I'm ever going to get to a club - so it was fun to step out of myself for a little bit and not feel embarrassed or inadequate or stupid. It just felt comfortable and right - even when I wasn't quite sure what to do with my arms. When in doubt - PUMP THEM and JUMP. It felt individual AND collective. And that's yoga...even though we weren't in downward dog. 

The class ended with some crow and more flows, hip openers, yoga recess (free minutes for whatever you want to try - for me tonight it was handstand prep, dolphin on the wall, dancer, and some side crow), and a really cool invitation to take savasana on your stomach (accepted by this yogi). 

So thank you, Peter, for an awesome class and a great perspective on yoga practice. It was joyful, and that was just what I needed. 


Additional thanks to Mary - for an awesome vinyasa class this morning and rocking spin class this afternoon (and the strength and foam roll in between). An awesome day for pushing physical limits and taking advantage of a day off work. 

Tomorrow is the BBY Madonnathon/Lady Gaga Hip Hop Yoga class...can't wait!

-Grateful Yogi