Gratitude for Strength and Health...and Triple Tuesday!

Greetings from a tired yogi :o)

Today was a Triple Tuesday. Triple Tuesday is a fun term for three different fitness activities in one day! I used to think that the thought of doing more than one physical activity in a day was ludicrous. And I'm lucky to have the ability to schedule my day in a way that lets me do it. But it's a real treat for me to do all three of my favorite things - running, strength, and yoga - in one day!

In order to fit it all in, the day starts 6.30am on the treadmill, at the gym early - for Tread and Shred. Tread and Shred is an SCLA class taught by Mary, who also doubles as my trainer :o) It's an awesome  45 minute treadmill workout, punctuated by a "shred" piece that involves lunges, crunches, abs, etc. Everyone works at their own perceived level of exertion, so there shouldn't be any competition except for with yourself. For the regulars in the group, who have been together for months and months, there can be some slight competitive playfulness...but all in good fun. I love the ladies at T and S who motivate me and make me laugh throughout the whole workout. Today we did incline and speed drills, as well as sprints -  a great workout heading into the Turkey Day festivities. Every treadmill was taken - lots of folks were apparently looking to burn some calories pre-holiday.

After T and S, it was a quick change and on to some personal training with Mary. Mary has been my trainer - 2x per week - since early August 2009. My relationship with Mary, and her support during the last 18 months of my fitness journey, is going to be the subject of a longer post sometime this weekend. I have an unbelievable amount of gratitude to Mary - for being an amazing motivator, a true fitness professional, and above all, a devoted friend. Mary has always treated me with respect, concern, and a passion to help me meet my goals. Without Mary's guidance and pushing, I honestly don't think that I would be where I am as far as health, strength, and confidence. Mary is also someone who has been instrumental in helping me find my way in yoga (she has fixed and taught me more poses than she probably even knows). But again, we'll save that for another post. Mary's personal website is on the right, or find Mary here.

And good thing Mary loves fitness, because she also joined me for 7.30 Hip Hop Yoga with Alex at Back Bay Yoga. It was a rare fun event to hang with Mary on an evening (she makes her living training people like me after she doesn't get a lot of random evenings free). Hip Hop Yoga probably deserves its own post as well (we'll get to it - it's a long holiday weekend) - but it is essentially a yoga class taught to a more hip/hop playlist and it has a certain groove that really gets you going. Add in Alex's mellow, soulful rap and it's a recipe for a great way to end an evening. As usual, Alex's class was awesome, sweaty, and packed - but he still managed to make it a very individual practice for everyone. His classes make everyone smile - who wouldn't want to hang out in that vibe every day?

Oh and yes, I have a day job. I also managed to squeeze in a pretty packed day of work (need to work the brain and bring home the bacon of course :o) and a quick physical at the drs office (which was surprisingly efficient - I really do mean quick - less than 40 minutes!)...which brings me to my gratitude for

Thank you, universe, for blessing me with great health - with a strong body, and strong mind to solidly ground me every day - whether it is walking to work, finding strength and joy in a packed day of workouts, or simply breathing...I am so incredibly thankful to be a healthy and happy human being!

Get your gratitude on...its Thanksgiving week!

-Grateful Yogi