Untraditional Thanksgiving...for two!

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

I'm sure that to some people, the thought of spending Thanksgiving with just one other person sounds like a really small way to celebrate. For me, it fits just perfect this year. It's been a crazy few months with job transitions, impending moves, travel, and general joyful living. Life goes by too fast, and you need to sometimes take a few days to enjoy it before it passes by!

Here is my Thanksgiving date. He's been my date for over 10 years running now, but today I get him all to myself:

Ladies, I know he's cute...but he's taken so don't get your hopes up :o). We love our jobs and the life we have, but sometimes time together is in short supply. To take a time out, spend a fun day with just each other, not to worry about travel, and be pretty sure that work won't be calling - that's a sweet Thanksgiving. For so long, I thought I needed three kids and a dog to make the perfect Thanksgiving family time (Mom and Dad - it was a perfect picture when I was one of the kids - I promise!). As it turns out, for me at this moment, all I need to be happy is to love what I have - which is more than enough!

In honor of this day, my date even watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with me and went out to Dunkin Donuts to get me my morning brew. I haven't been out of the house all day - heaven! I made the traditional breakfast of Monkey bread (a much better result this year than last year - this is essentially cinnabon on speed). I'm quite sure it is roughly 2000 calories per serving but we don't count calories on holidays. We also enjoyed a Maryland favorite for lunch. We're not big turkey people, so dinner will be steak. Tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be exercise, exercise, and more exercise :o)

For those of you wondering where on earth you get MD crabs in late November (and we're still not even sure how they do it), check out Harbor House Crabs. We've never been disappointed, and it reminds us of one of the best parts of home in DC-MD.

To my Virginia family - I miss you guys, the fun, the animals, the strawberry stuff, the likelihood that you guys will be playing that awesome game that even dad and MauMau get into at the table! To our MD family, wishing we could also be with you and the kiddos. 

And sitting on the couch today, watching football with my husband, with two balls of fur cuddled between us, I just couldn't imagine a better day. I teared up watching the GM commercial - "We all fall down, thanks for helping us get back up." Really, Abbie? A GM commercial? You drive a German car!  

Those were grateful tears - of a heart full of blessings, of a life that is way more joy than sorrow and days that are incredibly full and special. 

I met my partner for life at age 17 (he is the date pictured above) and never looked back - who gets that luxury? I have never had to worry that someone loved me. I have two parents, siblings, and extended family that love me and my husband unconditionally. I have wonderful friends. I have a job that I love, working for a company that takes care of me and has offered me an amazing new opportunity this year. I have a sense of peace and calm this Thanksgiving that I have never have before. I'm healthy and strong and hopeful. I have an outlet and joy in my yoga and fitness that keeps me grounded. I am thankful for life. There are certainly days of question, uncertainty and discomfort, but being grateful in the moment means that they won't last long. 

So I have a lot to be thankful for this year - more than just one day can hold. And that makes me more than grateful, I think it makes me lucky. 

With peace, love, and gratitude: Namaste.

-Grateful Yogi