Diamonds in the Sun...Girish and a Yoga Wednesday

Ah, Wednesday - always willing to challenge me. So close to the weekend, yet still so much the middle of the week :o) Today you brought rain and wind, but also some bright points!

I had an awesome opportunity today to experience a unique class with Lynne at Back Bay, with live music from Girish. Lynne's class was a chill vinyasa flow (restorative/yin type practice) and it was just amazing to have Girish there.  Before I forget, PLEASE check out Girish's site here. His songs are also available on itunes. Girish is a new age/yogi musician. I have been in love with his music since I first heard Ganapati in a yoga class about 6 months ago.

This kind of class really challenges me and pushes me to my edge as far as control of my practice. When a class is less power flow based, it requires more of me to push out all the other thoughts I have in my head. The physical part of yoga has never truly been the hardest part. Yes, I am about as flexible as steel beams (aka not naturally flexible), but I'm strong and athletic and can power through. Stick me in lizard or ostrich pose for more than 10 breaths, and I can quickly reach my edge. When I arrived at class today, my head was more than full. Having Girish there was the perfect way to calm the part of my brain that really couldn't "muscle" through the class.

Lynne is excellent at reminding you to LISTEN to your body. Honestly, if I'm not reminded, I find myself pushing, pushing, pushing - even in a restorative class. When someone stops to tell you to listen, you might take a child's pose, or skip a vinyasa, or move to whatever pose fits you. That is the trouble with being a good student - you tend to move more towards obedience than honesty. And that is why great teachers keep you honest.

Girish, for those unfamiliar, is a soulful singer whose lyrics are mostly sanskrit, with occasional English in the mix. It really makes you fall in love with the sound, vibration, and rhythm, and then the lyrics. My favorite is Diamonds in the Sun. This is a favorite savasana song for Alex's class (which he played tonight in his vinyasa class :o), but I also love what the words mean:

Lokah Samaastha Sukhino Bhavantu - roughly translates to: May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and through my thoughts, words, and actions, may I, in some way, contribute to that well being and happiness.

There were times during Lynne's class that it was hard to remember that Girish was performing live - it was THAT good. And at the end, he played the most beautiful tones during the three OMs that we took. It was a sweet moment of peace in an otherwise challenging day.

So thank you BBY, as usual, for expanding my yoga experiences. And thank you to Girish for a wonderful addition to my practice. (And to the sweet girl next to me - whose blanket I accidentally stole during pigeon pose today - you're so sweet for not saying anything :o)

I ended the day with a late night Vinyasa flow with Alex - to clear my head a little bit more and to get a tough workout in - which I felt like I needed. Fun night, lots of young eager yogis from BU joining - I love it! The best sound ever is laughter in crow. It's a great reminder - if you fall forward - who really cares? And it's a hard pose - so if you rock it, great. If not, there is always tomorrow. What I really want to know is - why does my body like side-crow only on one side? Why is it so hard on the other side? Yoga conundrum!

Thankful for new experiences (Girish) and for experiences that make me feel like I'm home (Alex's class at SASY). Because sometimes in life, you need a little of both.

-Grateful Yogi