Escaping to Warmer Climates....

Tomorrow morning I'll be boarding a plane for a quick trip to San Francisco. Quick as in Friday to Sunday. And even though it is predicted to be in the 50s and raining, I'll take it! I think the impending move to CA in March has already given me a much lower tolerance level for the cold here. Especially cold without the benefit of some pretty snow. Bah humbag, Boston - let's get just a few inches under our belt before 2011! New England summers are to die for, but they make you forget what 14 degrees feels like with a wind chill!

It is a nice treat to have a whole weekend to just hang out with my husband. I'll arrive in CA mid-afternoon, so plenty of time for getting settled and a nice dinner in one of the neighborhoods we're looking at for our new place (Russian Hill). On Saturday night we'll attend his company holiday party - a great chance to meet and get to know more of the folks better. Sleeping in will also be on the docket!

This week has been an odd week for me. Still sidelined with back pain, I have cut out half of my yoga practice for the week. Bending is really triggering a lot of this for me, and I'm worried about overdoing it. I made it to Alex's class on Monday and was able to do about 70% of what I normally would - better than I expected. The upside to being less aggressive is more child's pose :o) I have been finding that if I really concerntrate on getting my muscles warm, the pain isn't there when I do the tougher stuff. Isn't that the way with most of life? Most things that you do slowly and deliberately work out just fine. Tuesday I took off totally for rest, and yesterday I did a training session with Mary and then some light treadmill cardio in the evening (Dutterer date night at the gym :o). Tonight I'll get in some Hip Hop Yoga and then ideally, I am going to try and take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.

To put this in perspective, I have not taken three consecutive days off from exercise since November of 2009. My body knows this is a good idea - my brain is not quite on board. A side effect from intense training and focus on exercise, along with weight loss, over the past 18 months, is a little bit of an obsession. We'll see how my threee day rest period goes. If I can't bear it, I'll do some low treadmill work. Mary provided some tough love in this department, reminding me that taking three days off from working out is better than being sidelined with back surgery for three months. Point made and taken.

Today Mary and I had a fun lunch in Chinatown where I introduced her to the joys of authentic chinese cuisine, a la Gourment Dumpling House. She insisted on this picture. You will note, however, that only I have left evidence in this photo that we stopped at my favorite Chinese bakery on the way back to work. That's not an apple, dear readers - it's cake :o)

And while I am thankful for so many things this year, one tiny selfish thank you will be to Virgin America tomorrow. For providing internet access in the plane...and maybe even allowing a blog post from 35,000 ft!

-Grateful Yogi