Zen and the art of patient traveling

I am in love with San Francisco. Head over heels, let's spend every day together and you should move in with me even though we just met- in love with the city by the bay. All this, and it rained the whole time we were there this weekend.

There was no sun, but there were beautifully lit trees, two amazing dinners, a fun lunch, a little bit of shopping, a little bit of neighborhood watching, some desperate cab catching in the rain, meeting new friends, and simply spending uninterrupted time together.

I am so excited about our move. Being in Boston reminds me of everything that I'm leaving and giving up to move 3,000 miles away. How could it not? It is full of people and places that I love. Being in San Francisco helps me see the end destination - and I can definitely see our family being very happy here. I love the weather (even in the wind and rain - 55 degrees in December is still 55 degrees). I love the interesting people. I love the food (but I can't love it too much or there will be too much of me). I love that it's hip and young and interesting and open.

I feel like my world is bursting with possibilities. I'm so grateful for this big adventure about to begin.

Which makes this news a little easier to take:

Yep, that would be a delay. It's going to be late when we get into Boston, and I'm sure I'll be a little tired. But I'm working really hard at being a zen traveler:

I used to dread flying. That awful pit in my stomach and a total feeling of being out of control while locked in the cabin. Finally, I have learned to give in. To breathe. To let the trained pilots worry about the rest.

Now some of my most relaxing hours happen on planes. No phones, no talking if you don't want to, a chance to catch up on a good book or a tv show if you are lucky enough to have a tv on the plane (shout outs to JetBlue and Virgin!).

Recipe for zen travel this weekend: ipad (not pictured), internet access (pictured), amazingly warm new scarf from American Apparel, borrowed fleece from Tim, and some starburst and tea. And a chance to author a blog post before a hopeful 4.00pm PST boarding.

And a good attitude. It's raining and you can't change anything. So you might as well enjoy the hours at the airport. You won't get those back, so don't wish them away.

One of my yoga studios posted this comment today on FB - "Let's share an om together today, wherever you are."

So from rainy, dreary SFO, in a corner of a bar with one of only two tvs in this terminal broadcasting the NFL today (big gratitude from this family):


-Grateful Yogi