Yogi Playlist for January

I've been doing a lot of different yoga lately (finally realizing that 6, 90-minute power yoga classes in a week  on top of running and strength training will most certainly lead to a hip replacement by age 40). I love to take songs from class and use genius on my itunes to find new favorites. When your practice runs the gamut from no music at all to new age to indie rock to hip hop - my ipod playlists can end up looking like one big genre shuffle. I'm realizing this even more acutely as I sit here on a San Francisco bound flight for 6 hours - you have some time to really start looking at your music portfolio.  I am so grateful for my ipod on these long haul flights. Do you remember when you couldn't buy individual songs? When you had to carry all of your cds with you in a little black plastic case?

Here are a few new friends and some old favorites cycling through my nano:

Ingrid Michaelson (where has she been all my life - I'm just obsessed now), specifically Soldier, Starting Now, Far Away, and Keep Breathing.

Joshua Radin, the entire album of We Were Here

Akon and MJ - Hold My Hand

Snow Patrol, Just Say Yes

Diddy, Coming Home

Indigo Girls, Kid Fears

Natasha Bedingfield, Strip Me

and rather surprisingly:

Third Day, Follow Me There, which pretty much sums up how I feel about getting on my mat:

"You need a place where you can find some shelter. Follow me there. Follow me there.....Well love like a river flows, peace like you've never known and joy ....neverending. It's a place where faith can find...hope that will never die. Follow me there. Follow me there....You need a place to be your sanctuary. Follow me there. Follow me there.... Where you can lay down all those burdens you carry. Follow me there. Follow me there."

(Side note - if you know the tv show that has this as its theme song, just let it go for a bit and like the words :o)

I'm looking forward to exploring the city this weekend and taking part in Yoga Journal Conference 2011 on Saturday!

-Grateful Yogi