The Art of Yoga...Introducing Eliza Lynn Tobin

As my yoga practice has grown, I have loved adding little symbols of my practice into places in my life. They are not only beautiful reminders of why I practice, but when I see them, it gives me a subtle reminder to take a second to breathe and be present.

I had been looking for an artist that sold yoga paintings and prints because I wanted to buy a few pieces for my new office in San Francisco - in keeping with the theme of bringing the peace I get from yoga off the mat. I had not really found anything that made my heart leap. A few weeks ago, I found a wonderful artist on Etsy - only to realize that she lived right near Boston - on Cape Cod. 

Introducing the wonderful world of Art Asana - and a beautiful artist named Eliza Lynn Tobin.

When I saw this piece, and read the beautiful story, I knew that it was perfect for my new office, and my new life in San Francisco. 

It is called "Fly."

FLY by Eliza Lynn Tobin

The writing on the piece is below: 

I ask myself–do I really want to do this, to be this? and many times the answer is no. 
And then I ask myself why not? 
And the answer is always, always "because I am afraid." 
Afraid I won’t be enough, good enough, smart enough, worthy enough.
From here on out, that's not going to fly. 
The pose being pictured above in FLY is Bakasana, or crow pose. It inspires much trepidation in yogis. It involves really trusting your arm strength and lifting your body to hover over your arms, your knees and legs tucked behind your elbows. In order to "fly" - you have to believe in yourself, and be willing to fall flat on your face. 

This piece really sums up so much of the power, peace, and strength that I get from yoga - the ability to move beyond fear and to really live in the present moment - and to be so much stronger than I ever thought I could be.

Eliza is an artist and a yoga teacher, and her work is amazing. She has such a beautiful and accurate way of drawing figures in the poses - which comes from her knowledge as a teacher as much as it does from her art background and training.
The words that appear as a part of Eliza's work capture the intimate relationship between the physical pose - the asana - and the deep spiritual and emotional aspects of yoga. 

I also have the two prints below. These two poses, tree and half moon, are some of the most challenging for me. And the titles so clearly represent the qualities needed to move your body into them. 

Resolve by Eliza Lynn Tobin
Rooting, Rising by Eliza Lynn Tobin

Read the Resolve and Rooting, Rising stories, and see the entire collection at Art Asana on Etsy. Her work is inspiring.

Thank you, Eliza, for using your many gifts to produce such beautiful physical representations of what it is like to root, to rise, to strengthen and to fly.