That is not a prop!

I practiced twice this week in classes where there was a real need for a PDA PSA. So in that spirit, an open letter to my techie-addicted yogis. I feel your pain. It's hard to breathe and settle and be. But we've got to turn it off.

Dear Fellow Yogis,

Please, please, please don't take this out during class:

Yogis, this is not a prop.

In a world divided by what yoga should be, maybe we can all unite in the belief that yoga class should be a text-free zone. 

Our teachers spend a lot of time prepping for their classes, and as students we make efforts to be there. No matter what brings us to our mats, we came to get our yoga on. Please, turn your phone off. 

And let's be honest - that phone is not a good prop! It is not going to help you with half-moon. 

So get a block and a strap and take the technology off the mat. 

We'd all be grateful. 

Especially Grateful Yogi.