Getting to know San Francisco

It has been a busy week, and my blogging activity has been lacking, but just a quick recap of my first few days as an official California resident.

To say that I am grateful is an understatement. And we all got a big reminder of how short and precious life is yesterday morning. We were lucky that the tsunami warnings for our coast turned out to be just that - warnings.

I think it goes without saying that I anticipated feeling an earthquake, but did not plan for the Tsunami warning. And judging by the number of emails and calls received yesterday, a few folks on the east still keep me very close. I chose to take a "life is short" approach to the Tsunami and bravely ride the BART to yoga during said Tsunami target time. We all survived. As Pete, our teacher, said to his mother on the East Coast yesterday morning - at least I'll be wiped out doing what I love - practicing yoga with a bunch of great people. Amen.

For the people on the other side of the Pacific, who were not so lucky and comfortable - I am imploring the universe for quick aid and recovery.

So besides tsunamis, I am pretty much in love with all things California. To name a few of the things currently melting my heart:

-Living in the same city as my husband and our furkids. This is the best part of California. This is the best part of anywhere.
-Friendliness. I don't know if I have just lived in the Northeast too long, but California seems to be a much friendlier group of people. It may have to do with the next reason.
-Weather. It has been sunny and warm and clear. It changes your whole perspective on life.
-Avocado (fresh). On anything. Anywhere. Anytime.
-The Yerba Buena Gardens. We will have a beautiful view of these from our new apartment, but for now, I have enjoyed several hours of sitting and watching people, drinking coffee and having a snack, checking email and making work calls from the beautiful vantage point of this colorful greenspace.
-Convenience. Living in the heart of the city makes everything easy. Shopping, eating, getting to the train, and getting to yoga.
-SCLA San Francisco. I just love you and your many levels of space.
-Yoga Tree San Francisco. You rock. Your instructors rock. The studios rock. Om.
-Food. I am going to have to walk everywhere to make sure that I don't gain back 30 pounds sampling the best restaurants this side of the Mississippi.
-Old friends. Even just in this first week, a great friend was in town for a conference. And yes, I got lost taking her to dinner. But directions have never been my strong suit.

And now, off to explore some more...