The Space (and yoga) in Between

"The space between...the tears we the laughter keeps us coming back for more."
- Dave Matthews Band

It is a common instruction to advise students to "make space" in their poses or in their breath. For teachers, the ability to lead a practice is linked to how they "hold space" in the room: an intangible, powerful connection between practice and people and presence.

All of this talk about space feels so relevant to me these days, as I feel like I am literally living in between physical spaces. I have a sterile corporate apartment in San Francisco - a small space that has nothing of mine except for my three greatest loves: Tim, Wren, and Scout - which really makes it my most important space. I have our condo in Brookline - a space that now seems like a hotel with the dwindling personal items and furniture that are left. It's also a space up for sale - soon it will belong to someone else - to fill with their memories and scuffs on the walls. And I have a future space - our new apartment in San Francisco - with a view that matches the endless possibility that I'm focused on for our future. If only - my brain says to me daily, as it processes the emotional business of good-byes and hellos and farewell for nows - we could just pick a space. It's hard to feel grounded.

Over the past two weeks, I have spent a lot of time on my mat - on my own, one-on-one, and with other special souls in class. There have been some really awesome practices, harder emotional ones, and a few rock-it-out Freedom Joy nights. I have been reminded - in surprising ways - that I really have just one space. And I take it with me wherever I go.  It's 5'3 and blond,'s me. Somehow, it's like this great big revelation every time I stop and think about it. We have a physical body, inhabited by our spirit. Yoga is about harnessing that connection between the spirit and the body, and having a conversation with yourself inside of that connection. In this awkward time between physical homes, I'm relying on this to be enough.

Great perspectives on mindfulness, and owning our own space.

I also just finished Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I had read bits and pieces before, but I felt like the time was right to read it straight through and in the right order.Dr. Kabat-Zinn focuses on mindfulness in everyday life. And while the book walks through certain parts of a meditation practice - it is really more about laying the foundation for living in the present moment, and what a powerful foundation that can be for owning the space we inhabit - wherever we are.

And I think he said it best when he said, "To find our way, we will need to pay more attention to this moment. It is the only time that we have in which to live, grow, feel and change."

....And find our space, and the ones in between.