Redemption at Valencia

After Wednesday's little yoga snafu, yesterday was a swim and personal practice day. Today had my usual Friday morning practice at Yoga Tree Valencia on the docket- typically led by Pete Guinosso (heart him). Luckily for the 45 yogis with him, Pete is in Joshua Tree National Park this week running a yoga retreat (no running water = not for this yogi). I knew ahead of time that class would be led by a substitute teacher.

I refused to let Wednesday's class dissuade me from trying something - and someone - new.

I love a yoga teacher that cares about knowing your name, and what your story is. Pete's sub - Debbie Steingesser - had me at hello. I mean, let's start with the fact that she is from Newton, MA, and has practiced at BBY!

And then her first words to us were "This is your practice. You do what feels right for you. I'm here to help."

I'll om to that. Because that, dear readers, is yogic redemption.

You never know when your attitude and how you approach a situation might make someone's day.

And restore their faith in meeting new people on the mat.