Home Sweet...Yoga

I landed back in Boston yesterday. As I flew over the US, somewhere around Wisconsin, our condo closing took place in Brookline without us even being there.

It was a bizarre feeling to look out the window as the plane began its final descent, viewing the Prudential and the Hancock Building leading the skyline - as a visitor (but not a tourist).

Well, maybe a little bit of a tourist:

Mrs. Mallard says "Go Bruins!"

I was excited to see friends, to once again be in my office with favorite coworkers, and to revisit two amazing years at HBS with my husband. It felt good to be back (minus the humidity that was really quite a shock to my new "we have dry heat" CA sensibilities), but it just didn't feel like home anymore.

Until the elevator doors opened at BBY this morning when I went to practice with Peter Crowley.

This is my yoga home. And I love that. There is just something about Back Bay Yoga. It is the place that helped me own my practice.

Familiar. Safe. Comfortable. It makes me feel good.

San Francisco is a wonderful place for yoga, but it isn't my home yet. Establishing that takes time and patience - and I'm working on it. Slowly, but surely, finding my way.

Being back is just the heart warm-up that my practice needs right now.

When you are away from something you love, it reminds you how much it means. In that same vein, I finally found a bag that allows me to bring my mat with me on all of my trips. It's my grown-up security blanket.

Have mat, will travel. And the BBY hoodie? It's been with me on EVERY trip in 2011.
So for the next few days, I'll be reconnecting with my Boston faves and enjoying some city living in Eastern Standard Time.

But if you want to find me, you might try BBY. I'll be there - with my security blanket - quite a bit.