The Man Behind the Mat

Before yoga.

Before a single step onto San Francisco soil.

Before Boston.

Before I attended my first college class.

Before all of this...there was Tim.

Today, we celebrate nine years of marriage. A marriage that has traversed two continents and three states with three different cars. A union that has survived two marathons and one full-time MBA program.

My marriage is my life's greatest joy.

Yes, Tim can do archer - and I can't. But his Warrior III form needs serious work.
 While I don't profess to have any secrets about love, I know what finding happiness with another human being feels like, and I know what it means to be truly loved. I won the lottery pretty early in life.

I am proud of what we have built together. Marriage works for us because we have learned to grow: at times slowly, sometimes tugging the other along - but always down the same path. A lot of laughter, an appropriate amount of tears, copious amounts of Maryland crab and beer, and some wine and cheese for when we need to keep it classy.

When I needed space for a mat in our marriage, Tim gladly made room.

My marriage is about knowing without speaking, hugging without being in the same room together, and remaining a constant in a sea of chaos.

To the man behind the mat - I am truly grateful.

And - as ever - I will hold true to the same promise I made nine years ago today:

To love you, Tim -

Forever and Always.

"Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything." -Fr. Pedro Arrupe