The Yoga of Life: Kripalu Day 1

It's finally here - and I'm finally here!

Tonight was the opening night of Alex Austin's High Energy Vinyasa Root to Rise workshop here at Kripalu.

Loyal readers will remember Alex from my first handstand, and his farewell from Boston in January to head home to Arizona.

Alex is a one-in-a-million instructor. Welcome, opening, warm, and talented. And so I am here in the Berkshires to enjoy three days of his classes at a retreat center that I have wanted to visit since I started practicing yoga. It is also a way to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, a chance to meet new people from all over, and connect with some special souls from Boston who practice at BBY and SASY. Our class has folks from the CA, NJ, NY, MA, CT, and AK. We come from Power and Forrest and Bikram and Baptiste and everything in between. A nice little pack of yoga mutts.

A lot has happened in the 5 months since I last practiced with Alex: my move to San Francisco, my growing Forrest practice, and a host of other life-is-happening-all-while-the-world-goes-on events.

And yet, it was just like being home today - from the hugs when we met at the dining hall to the sweet comfort of being in a class - and having a practice - that I love.

It was even more fun to watch the folks that had never met Alex react to his style and energy. The smiles, laughter, and warmth that he energizes the room with is catching. And what's amazing is that each individual will take it all back with them - to their home practice or their studios - to their lives. As I heard someone say on the way out - "I definitely picked the right one."

Yoga is so awesome and so beautiful.

It has been a long time since I have sat in a bedroom by myself listening to crickets through an open window, staring out at a dark sky with not even the glow of the city stretching into the blank horizon.

Life is so awesome and so beautiful.

Earlier, the Berkshires greeted me with thunder, lightening, and mist:

View from my room in the Annex.
But now it is cool and calm and silent but for the soft nature sounds. I love the peace of it all.

Kripalu asks us to explore the yoga of life. And I'm excited to do that this weekend.

Just after I explore the yoga of sleep.

Sweet dreams, yogis.