You CAN take it with you - Forrest Intensives

After taking five Forrest Intensives in March, I was in withdrawal from practicing with Ana. I had heard a lot about the at-home intensives that you could purchase, but was disappointed to see that they were audio cds, not dvds. At that point, I wanted to WATCH her do the poses. I let the idea go, and bought the Pleasure of Strength DVD instead (great purchase - perfect 60 minute video class).

I pack the DVD when I travel so that I always have an hour yoga class to take on the go. And sometimes at home, I will pop it in just to do the abs after a swim or a run. I like to do Forrest abs everyday, and I have to admit that when I am not in class, I get a little soft with myself on how many I do. The video keeps me honest - as if she was there counting.

But the DVD only takes you for so long before it gets a little predictable. I was looking for something more. I practiced with Ana in May during her book tour and - again - people were talking about the CDs.

Finally - a light bulb. I realized that if I bought the audio CDs - that I could download them into iTunes - and have them in my iphone, my ipod, my ipad. EVERYWHERE.

The 5-Day Forrest Intensives


And because iTunes recognizes the CDs, you can isolate by individual pose or sequence. So, for instance, say you are craving abs with a roll - not a problem. Go to Day 1 - and select that little five minute slice of abdominal heaven. Just want to rock out some dolphin? Feeling like guided Agni Sara? Be her guest - Day 3.

The set also comes with an AMAZINGLY comprehensive companion book - with illustrated examples and cues for all of the Forrest yoga asanas - split out by day and by theme. The complete set is over 10 hours of instruction.

5 separate sets of CDs - one for each day.

The companion book with a guide to the asanas.

And compliments of the intensives, my abs hurt today.  In a little corner of the gym after my cardio workout, I rocked out some abdominals called by Ana: abs with the roll, elbow to knee, and frog lifting through.

I'm sure the guy next to me thought I was rocking out to an awesome playlist.

I was.