There's An App for That?

I am not a fan of electronics in the yoga I have blogged about before in a helpful PDA PSA.

I am a fan, however, of apps that help people get to the studio.

The MindBody app for iPhone and other smart devices is pretty awesome.

In just seconds, you can find studios and classes near you, read bios of instructors, and obtain information about a specific studio that grabs your attention.

As a roaming yogini much of the time, this app is truly changing the way that I travel. It is fairly accurate as information is fed directly from the mind/body system that most studios use.

It is also not without a good laugh. I recently tried the app in San Francisco.

I have said before that SF literally offers "thousands" of yoga classes. Apparently, this is not a hyperbole.

Within 10 miles of my apartment, there were 2,000 yoga classes in a 24 hour period.

That gives me zero excuses to skip class.

The app is free. So grab it.

Then grab your phone, grab your mat, and grab a class.

(But still silence that phone while you are there, please!)