Thanksgiving Salutation

Exhale. Bring hands together at your heart.

Every breath is a new start.

Inhale. Reach up.

A chance to be deeper.

Exhale. Forward Bend.

A chance to be better.

Inhale. Left leg back into lunge, arms up.

Everything important begins here. 

Hold breath, push up position.

Set an intention.

Ankles together, knees down, lower to the floor.

Move to expand what you can be.

Inhale into cobra.

Get lost.

Exhale down, hands under shoulders.

Find yourself again. 

Push up to downward dog.

Feel your strength.

Inhale as you bring left leg forward into lunge, arms up.

Find your peace. 

Right foot forward to meet the left. Exhale into forward bend.

Breathe into joy.

Inhale. Arms up.

This is a lot of life to love.

Exhale. Hands together. 

Saluting gratitude.

In thanksgiving for this life.