Welcoming New Space: Innerstellar Yoga

On the auspicious day of 11.11.11, I joined 40 other yogis for a Forrest Yoga class and ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of a very special new studio in the East Bay.

For all of the yoga that I have done over the past few years, this was the first time I had ever been to a studio opening. I was thrilled to be there.

Innerstellar is certainly something special.

It is amazing to walk into a space - and know that the space that you are stepping into is someone's long-time dream becoming a reality.

Kiki Goldsmith - who owns Innerstellar - has created a beautiful, special space for building a community. And while there will be other offerings on the schedule (including Pilates), almost all of the yoga offered at Innerstellar will be Forrest-inspired.

The yoga room was packed mat to mat for the first class. A slight problem with the heat was quickly remedied by some vigorous abs and the room was hot in no time. (I took class there this past week and the heat is DEFINITELY working full time now - it's nice and toasty). 

Some classes just have great energy - and this one certainly did. You could feel how happy people were to be there - celebrating not just a new studio - but also honoring the teacher whose work and dedication to her students has created a space where she can offer a healing practice in her own authentic way.

The space is simply beautiful. The reception area is welcoming with room to congregate and chat between classes.  The studio itself is amazing - the floors are gorgeous, smooth, and dark. The atmosphere is perfect and there is just enough extra light from the skylights and a glass window into the hallway to make the space feel cozy and open at the same time.  

After savasana, it was neat to watch every face in the room look to Kiki, many people with a slight bow in her honor.

Her simple words: Thank you for being here.

Yoga Room at Innerstellar, Photo courtesy of Megan Keane
Because it all comes down to that: showing up.

Yogis simply need space to show up in:

Space to be, space to grow.

Innerstellar has all of that and more.

Thank you Kiki, for being here.


Innerstellar has some great grand opening specials going on, like them on facebook here to learn more.