Zen Traveler: Choose Wisely

Even when we think that we have no other choices available to us, we can choose to be grateful.

Grateful that once we get on the plane, it will be non-stop to my particular destination. And that we can spend time in the gate area, instead of on the tarmac.

We can decide to be positive.

Positively sure that the second required airplane part that comes will be the right one and that arriving late at the destination terminal will mean shorter lines at the rental car counter (and a really fun Kia Soul to sport for a week).

We can try our best to be happy.

Because we are here in this moment - even if it is 7.5 hours of moments spent waiting with strangers. 

I have never once regretted choosing happiness.

This is life.

This is MY life. 

Beautiful. Awesome. Real.

No less beautiful because I happen to be sitting on a dirty airport floor in a contortionist pose to charge my battery from an oddly placed wall socket.

But maybe more awesome because I paused to remember that we get to inhabit this earth as one big amazing gift from the universe.

Anyone can be happy in paradise.

It is how we deal with regular old life that defines us.

Don't miss moments waiting for happiness.

Choose it. Live it.