Yoga Journal: Day 2 (The Quick Update)

I am going to need several more posts to cover Day 2. It's almost 10 and I'm fading fast. And we're doing some serious yoga tomorrow!

I think the summary is that we should never stop learning, and never stop looking for ways to be better: at our life and in our practice.

In an effort to balance the really heavy asana classes,  I chose some lecture and meditation classes as well for the next two days. Today reminded me how much I love meditation and how I should be doing a lot more of it.

Tias Little might be my new yoga crush. His class this morning called "Hit the Middle" was just what I needed today. Thoughtful meditation. Precise Asana. A sense of humor.

And what do I say about Ana and her team? Day 2 - more breakthroughs. And halfway through class, after a kind reminder, I relaxed a little bit into what I was doing. And for the last 45 minutes of class, it didn't feel as intense. It felt strong. Note to self: That's a good feeling. Let's do more of that.

And I ended the day with Roger Cole's "Anatomy for Beginners." I'm fascinated by anatomy. What a great use of 2 hours. I could have stayed and listen to Cole talk for an entire day. Anatomy is something I need to spend more time studying. And I was a bit fascinated by the skeleton he had.

Anatomy should be a bigger part of my studies. photo courtesy of
 Do I need one of these to remind me about my anatomy? I should probably read a few books before I get my own. 


It is our most important practice.