Yoga Journal Day 3: Final Day Quick Recap

When you do three solid days of asana, there are a few words to describe how you feel:




Today might have been my favorite day of the conference. Another amazing class with Tias Little (who I just want to have with me all the time - talking me through meditation and focused asana).

And it wouldn't be a YJ day without a Forrest class. Of all the classes I have taken with Ana Forrest, today was probably my favorite. Which is saying something. The theme: Changing Your Relationship to Fear. (Future blog post alert.)

And then it was off to a community class with Pete Guinosso. I was a tad worried that I would be too cooked to enjoy it, but the 60 minute class FLEW by. I have tons of love for Pete. His practice is fun, challenging, and spiritual. He cares about his students in a way that I truly appreciate - a way that is hard to find. And he is a hugger, which I love. To boot, he is one of the most talented yogis that I take from. If you visit me in San Francisco, we'll go see Pete. If you live here, you can see practice with him at Yoga Tree.

After inhaling a late lunch over tea with my friend Megan, I ended the conference with a meditation class with Sally Kempton. Finally, a class that answered all the really basic questions I wanted to know about meditation - and broke it down. Was I so tired that I might have actually fallen asleep during one of the meditations? It's possible. But Sally says that's an okay thing for beginners. We'll try that again tomorrow - as I've committed to trying out this "meditate every morning thing" for at least the next ten days. (Second blog post alert).

The next week's posts will be more in depth discussions on the sessions and what I learned...I hope you will come visit to hear more.

And now this yogi is going to bed. With gratitude.

Recognize this pose? It's the 2012 YJ Picture!
What a difference a year makes...this was a year ago - for YJ 11!