What about Joy?

I could literally write a small book about my week of intensives with Ana Forrest. The ups, the downs, and the breakthroughs of spending a significant amount of time not only practicing asana, but going inward and focusing on personal growth. It is why getting up at 4.45 for five days in a row and trekking out to Oakland makes sense to me. There is no really accurate description for an Ana Forrest class unless you have been there, but it is certainly intended to be way deeper than a physical practice.

At the beginning of each intensive, there is a 45 minute ceremony that involves chanting, meditation, and some sharing from Ana. Friday, in our final day, she told a story about discussing a difficult period of her life with someone. During this discussion of her pain, the individual asked her:

What about Joy?

Ana's response was: Who is Joy and what the hell does she have to do with any of this?

The person was talking about joy as an emotion and a feeling. Ana just couldn't imagine joy's place in her story, or her life. So much so, that she mistook the reference for a person.

As she told this story, the room genuinely laughed at her no-nonsense retelling of this vignette from her life. It was so classic, in-your-face, this-is-my-truth Ana.

It set me to thinking. I am happy person with many more good days than bad. But how often do I celebrate joy? Do I actively engage in looking at my life and finding the joy? Sharing it? Do I set my days to what makes me joyful - or what I feel like I have to do?

And how many times during the day could I be finding the joy instead of obsessing over things in my head.

What about joy?

What a great question. We should ask it every day.