Zen Traveler: Different faces, different spaces

There is a part of me that loves traveling alone.

You can learn a lot in being silent and observing. There is a lot to be gained from patiently waiting.

We forget that people travel for so many reasons. And sometimes, they surprise you. The man in the security line in front of me looked like a stern business traveler (orderly carry on, precision approaching the metal detectors). He stopped to help a new young mom traveling alone make it through security. He went out of his way, assisted her, carried her items, collapsed and navigated the stroller, and fawned over her very young daughter. She looked so nervous in the line. When she emerged, she was smiling. She looked proud. She is five rows back from me. 

Just one row in front of me - a man is teaching his wife how to play Angry Birds.  I don't understand - she says - What is the point? Amen, sister. Like me, she can't remember all the different ways the birds work. Even in electronics, we are more similar than we are different. I predict that she will be moving on to the in-flight TV after the third level.

I was thrilled to be in my favorite terminal today at SFO. When you fly a lot - truly - you get excited about the little things. The Virgin America terminal is amazing. Clean seats, healthy food, and lots of open space.

And as if they didn't already have my heart - they recently installed this amazing Yoga Room:

Yoga Room, Terminal 2 at SFO

I didn't have time to settle in during this trip, but I peeked inside to watch an older man doing suns alone. I stood there for a minute. There was something really awesome about this quiet room: low lights, a carry on bag in the corner, shoes respectfully placed by the door. And in the midst of a busy terminal - a place to go inward.

It matters. We travel for different reasons, and we need different things to make us comfortable. Some people need a play area for their children. There are individuals that would pay $50 for an electrical outlet for their laptop. Others want a bar.

Some people need a place to down dog. 

Different faces, different spaces. We travel alone, but together.