Iphone-photo-unexpected Asanas

As has been chronicled on this blog the past few weeks, life is a tad stressful right now. Lots of reasons - although I am pretty sure many of them relate to a lack of good sleep, too much travel, jet lag, and that pesky little business of being employed. None of the stressors are life-threatening, and all manageable! And we have a policy of telling it like it is at Grateful Yogi.


Our journey here on earth is about finding beauty in the chaos and remembering that life is short. And with that in mind, I give you just a few of my joys from the past month.

Because surely - our pursuit of joy - and gratitude for what we have been given in this life - should always take up more space in our thoughts than the struggles we are currently overcoming.

The I-phone-photo-asana joy replay:

FURLOVE-ASANA: For the best four-legged greeters ever when I return from my trips away.

Wren and Scout in typical formation: sitting-asana
FRIENDS ON THE JOURNEY-ASANA: The trademark Alex Austin hug and practicing with him in AZ? Awesome. Really getting to know your teachers as friends: Even more awesome.

Super proud of Alex Austin - Lulu ambassador  in Scottsdale (note: I did see him beyond this picture in the store)
 CALIFORNIA IS AWESOME-ASANA: Wine country isn't just tasty, it's beautiful.

Gloria Ferrer Vineyards

AMAZING-ASANA: The woman who taught me anything was possible, led (ran) by example. And I wore sequin ears. You are NEVER too old to try, to have fun, and to love Disney.

Mom finishes 69th in her age group - out of over 900 women. Top 15% of the race overall.

TRAVEL-ASANA: Despite the rigor of work, I get to see things that make me feel lucky and blessed. And that is truly great.

85 degrees. Favorite Sushi and a walk around the river. Chicago, March 2012.
 And one last one- just taken last night.

NEW CAR-ASANA. Yep. I might lose a few readers here, but it's a small SUV.  I have a lot of yoga mats. Really. And I'll gladly drive you around. To Tahoe in the snow. And carry your mats and yoga props as well.

Pictures are memories. Frozen in time. They remind us of people, places, and things. And hopefully - they remind us that life is a whole spectrum of experiences.

And I don't even have pictures of some of the best moments: Friday happy hour yoga with happy hour afters, good friends in town, great wine, fresh meals, outrageously beautiful days and some needed rain in there as well. 

As always, it's how you see it.