Mat Matters - Take 2

Remember back in July? When I posted all about my search for the perfect mat
I really thought I had found the one. 

I'm still a huge Manduka fan, but I recently switched mats again, from the Black Mat Pro to the eKO (regular, not lite).

And yes, I am once again in a breaking in phase, leaving class with hands smelling like rubber. For those uninitiated, breaking in a yoga mat made of rubber can be a long, trying, fairly strong-smelling process. 
I smell like a mix of rubber and lemongrass - from the mat wash - which I use profusely so that I don't knock a fellow yogi out with the rubber fumes.

This time, I'm finally happy with how the mat deals with one of the greatest obstacles of my current practice:

Everybody sweats.

I sweat like an average person. Nothing crazy or noteworthy.

Sweat + the Black Mat Pro meant that I had to use yogitoes, or another covering for the mat. It was a distraction in class - and it really brings out my type A tendencies. I'll spend 5 minutes obsessing over the way that the towel doesn't line up and how it is bunching in between my toes. And beyond that - I was still slipping. I tried everything - the Manduka mat wash, salt, and all of the other suggestions.

And so a few months ago I was visiting a studio in Phoenix and had to borrow a temporary mat. 

I didn't want to give it back. I loved the way it held my palms and feet. It felt so different that I was sure it was a new, cutting edge type of mat.

But it wasn't. It was a different type of Manduka - the eKO line.

And this time I think we might be in it for the long haul.

I can sweat and I don't feel like I'm 6 years old on a slip and slide. My feet solidly ground, and the mat itself is softer when being carried on my back. It isn't light, but it is more manageable than the Pro. 

Oh, and it's blue. 

Manduka eKO

Here's to anything that will keep me away from what I have realized is my yoga uniform: black mat, black pants, black top. Life REALLY needs to be more colorful. 

I remain convinced that Manduka makes some of the best yoga mats. My travel mat (a VERY thing eKO called the ultra light) has already earned its keep - saving me money and hassle in renting. 

I'm just happy to stay grounded. On many levels. But I'll start with the mat.