Forrest Yogi Top 10

It happens without noticing. One week you are a yogi that takes Forrest classes.

Give it a little time and you are a Forrest Yogi.


Top Ten Signs You are a Forrest Yogi

10. You have three piles for laundry: lights, darks, and tie-dye.

9. You know (no thanks to Google) that Lance Dodger is NOT, in fact, a person.

8. You find yourself using active feet outside the yoga room.

7. Abs. Abs. More Abs. and Even More Abs.

6. You have established a love-hate relationship with a rolled up mat.

5. You have attempted gravity surfing.

4. You never miss a good trigger.

3. You have experienced Sweat Lodge Yoga without the actual lodge.

2. Two Words: Turbo Dog.

1. You make it a point to walk in beauty.