Walking each other home.

"We're all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass

I heard this quote for the first time this week and it was one of those statements that just broke my heart wide open in hearing it.

Of course we are. 

Everything we do is a journey.

In the end, isn't everything stripped away? Aren't we all just here together?

We're not walking towards an end, we're walking within a life.

And we need a lot of different people to walk us home: our soulmates, our friends, the family we were given and the family we made, the people that have know us since we were children, and the people that have met us in our adulthood.

My practice has helped me meet people where they are.

And every day, I am amazed at the people who want to meet me right where I am.

Right here.

Not the future me, but the present me.

In kind and unassuming ways. With words. Without words.

In a hot sweaty yoga room, when a sweet soul tells you that you are worth it.

Every little step.