Accepting the hard pose

After having to unexpectedly cancel a business trip yesterday, I dragged, carried, gracefully escorted my tired body to yoga class at Innerstellar.

We were doing a sequence of low lunges with the back knee up while back bending at the same time. Not for the faint of heart.

Per usual, Kiki's words hit home: "Can we just accept that this is a hard pose?"

She wasn't just referring to the lunges. Her point was about acceptance of circumstance.

On our mats, we have moments of struggle. We persevere. Sometimes, it is a triumph just to make it to the next sequence or to put your back knee down to support yourself. I mean, let's be honest - sometimes it is a big win to simply have found your way to class.

Life outside of yoga is like that, too. There are moments, days, weeks, and even months, when life is a hard pose to work through. You wouldn't be human if you didn't wish that it wasn't happening to you, that someone would just switch the pose to something fun - like scissors or a handstand.

Radical acceptance is one of the parts of my life off the mat that yoga helps me with every day.

Acceptance that when life presents a difficult challenge, that it is not about why me or poor me or not me, again. Life simply does not work in terms of what we think is fair or manageable. Acceptance is about the attitude you use to approach the circumstance. It calls out the fact that whatever the challenge (or pose)- yes, it is hard. Honor that. But be present in how you deal with that challenge.

Be present in the moment. 

Because every moment is the moment.
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