If you only read one...

There are literally hundreds of articles written on yoga every month. If you read only one in the next week, month, or year, please read this one:


As the author writes: Yoga is a state of union with the Self, not as we wish it were but as it is, perfectly, in this moment. It’s only from this place of profound self-acceptance that we can move forward. How lucky are we, as yogis, to get so many opportunities to practice self-acceptance? Luckier still are the teachers who have the privilege of guiding others through the process. After all, isn’t the process itself the destination?

I had to rewire my thinking to understand that yoga is not about getting somewhere. The practice is about finding who you truly are on a journey to being whole. And while yoga can teach you that - good teachers are the guides that can help you see your way there.

Thank you to the teachers who have made me realize that yoga is a journey. Without them, I would have quit long ago and blamed it on my hamstrings. To Peter, Alex, Pete, Kiki, Megan, and Sandy - who all met me right where I was - you touched me in different ways, but ultimately it allowed me to take a big step - and meet myself there as well.

This acceptance is the gift of our practice. We are all students.