Making Room

As humans, as travelers together on the journey, the best thing we can do is make room for one another in life. Room to walk together on the path, to pick each other up, and to alternately lead and follow.

Small, simple acts can mean big things.

Moving your mat is one of those acts.

The best thing we can do is make room for one another.

I love Sunday class with Pete....and so do a lot of other yogis. The class continues to grow, and today was a full house. Typically by 8.50, the class is already pretty tight and spots are hard to find. I am one of those people that is always inching my mat closer to try and make a new space, mostly because I used to get such an anxious feeling in my stomach when I couldn't find a spot in class. But there is a balance, because people can be very sensitive about their space - in a room, around their mat, and in general.

Kudos to Pete for being the type of teacher that makes room. He helps adjust mats when spots aren't appearing on their own. To be fair, it can be hard to create a full spot unless the teacher helps. And teachers should help - they are leading this part of the journey for 90 minutes. It sets a tone of welcoming and compassion - it says "you belong" to the head peeking through the doorway.

Adjusting the room is the first detachment you might make in your practice. This has been so good for me, and it also offers an opportunity to meet someone while you move around and shift. I definitely like being in certain parts of the room, and moving my mat always gives me a different perspective than I would have had. It moves me out of auto-pilot mode. Yoga has also helped me let go of some of my personal space issues. In truth, I realize now that I have a lot of personal space in yoga - more than on a bus, plane, or train.  I have 68 x 24 inches all to myself.

Yoga is about shifting, moving, and changing. It is about always growing. Moving our mats is a constant reminder to make room - for change and for others.

We are better for the person we let in. Because there is enough room for everyone on the journey.

I am in this photo. Someone made room. Photo courtesy of Charlie Villyard for SFMOMA