Just Being: Friday at Wind Horse

Sometimes, you go to a place you have never been before, and it feels like home.

This is what it is like to be here in the Rockies…at Wind Horse.

Today, as we ushered ourselves through security gates and rental car lines, and navigated the two plus hour drive from Denver deep into the mountains, my emotions flip-flopped between nervousness and excitement. Contrary to what my outgoing personality might indicate, any situation with lots of new faces makes me a tad nervous.

We rolled into the parking lot in front of our lodge much later than anticipated, but ran right into Ana Forrest coming down the path on her way out.

I love catching people in moments like these. Ana is about as honest as it gets – and she tends to show how she feels physically as well.

This fierce, strong woman – who I usually see from my mat in a crowded room – looked right at me and said very simply: We are doing something special here. And then she hugged me. Her smile, her demeanor, her casual walk – her obvious happiness for this moment - told me everything I needed to know about why I am here.

Forrest Yoga is about being present. It is about owning the moment, living your truth in that moment, and having the courage to move forward. I practice Forrest Yoga because I believe in the method, and the deep knowledge behind it.

But I participate in the Forrest Yoga community – because it has enriched who I am and has changed me as a person. It has given me a much wider circle of experiences and friends.

This circle gathered at 7 in a recreation center here at the Ranch, in a large room that will double as our practice space tomorrow. We walked in to see over a hundred people, without any real knowledge about what exactly was going to take place, sitting in various positions on the floor. Shoes on or off. Some, like me, still finishing dinner. Yoga clothes, dresses, or jeans. Come as you are.

What followed was an hour of simply being together. Introductions, singing, chanting, laughing, a little howling, and a small dance party.

Here we were – just being. Tomorrow, we will lay down our mats and be together in a different way.

I know that this gathering of students and teachers was a dream for Ana Forrest and for many people who have practiced with her for a long time. My heart caught in my throat for a second as I looked over to see Ana introducing the conference this evening – and watched her realize this dream.  It is an honor to be a part of this unfolding. Tonight was just the beginning.

Right now I'm sitting here in the lodge, with my roommate, Megan – one of my closest friends. A friend who I met practicing Forrest Yoga. 

Only in this place of being apart from the rest of the world - do you realize that we have actually been having Wind Horse all along. In our studios, in our homes, and in every connection we’ve made along the path. 

Forrest Friendship: Wind Horse Roommates