Left and Right...and Choosing Happiness

I was on the phone with my mom today, and we were on a roll. We had hit a number of topics and had moved on to reviewing dresses together on J.Crew for my brother's upcoming wedding.

There were several "oh that would be cute...oh but the back IS NOT" and as well as a few "mom, you could totally make that for me." Code words for: these dresses are not worth the price tags (sorry J.Crew).

So I moved on to discussing my nervousness about starting teacher training in a few weeks. The date that seemed so far away when I signed up is now very, very close.

Mom - I said - I still have trouble knowing my left from my right.

(Particularly in times of stress and nervousness. I secretly thought about how I had asked two nurses to verify Tim's correct eye - the right one - prior to his recent transplant).

You will do great - my mom said very confidently. You love yoga.

And then a long pause.

And I'm really happy that you are happy.

I let the conversation linger there for a moment.

That meant a lot. I know that my mom had big dreams for me as a kid. She wanted the best for me, of course: health and success and happiness. But I think her dreams also might have included me living twenty minutes down the road...with my kids. It is 100% okay that she had those dreams. I would probably have had them too.

I don't know many parents that wish for their kids to move 3,000 miles away.

But I know a lot of parents that hope for their kids to be happy.

My facebook feed has been filling up this week with first days of school. I can hardly believe that I have friends with kids that are school age! And there have been many years where my eyes have looked with a twinge of jealousy at chubby baby cheeks and adorable kids growing up. Kids have not been a part of my story. But lately, there is only joy.

There is empowerment - and comfort - in being happy with our choices. In knowing that the biggest choice we will ever make - is not to have kids or to get married or to be a fireman, doctor, or an insurance underwriter.

The biggest choice we make is to be happy. To love the moment we are in.

This is a choice. 

It is the greatest choice we make for ourselves - and the most supportive decision we make for those that we love.

Teaching family yoga...still working on my lefts and rights.