Wind Horse is NEXT WEEK!

Next weekend, I will be in Colorado.

And for once, it's not a business trip. And I'm not going alone.

Wind Horse is next week!

Forrest Yogis from all over the country and the world are descending on Snow Mountain Ranch to make connections, enjoy the end of summer in the mountains, and of course, practice lots and lots of yoga.

I can't wait to meet fellow travelers on this path. Although we come from different walks of life and draw from a very disparate group of experiences, we will find ourselves mat to mat doing the same poses together.

I am also excited about the diverse group of sessions that I will be taking - many with teachers I have not yet had the chance to work with. While Ana Forrest will be teaching to the entire group each day, senior Forrest Yoga teachers will be offering a number of sessions throughout the weekend.

Will you be with us? If not, you can follow me here at Grateful Yogi and my good friend, Meg, at The Beauty Report as we blog throughout the conference next weekend!

Safe travels to all of our Forrest Yoga friends this week - we'll see you in the mountains!