The Injury Report: Tahoe

I hate being on the DL. Particularly on vacation.

This is so fun:

Me and my mat in Tahoe.

And this is so NOT fun:

Hot night in Tahoe: Icing the knee

I rarely have any aches or pains to complain about from a physical perspective. I would like to credit this to yoga, but it is just one of the factors. My neck hurts after a long day on a plane, or my lower back or shoulders are tight - but most of that is from having a day job involving a computer. I do yoga six times a week, I run and I swim. I am sometimes sore, but very rarely would I call myself "injured."

But every so often, something gets out of alignment - usually my wrists, or my ankle.

Or as is the case right now, my knee. Even at the peak of my distance running for two marathons, my knees never bothered me.

Because it is a new and different area to hurt, I was slow to really honor the injury last week, and I tried to accommodate through my studio classes as best as I could. Read: I'll push 80%, as opposed to 100%. (Note to self: I should probably be paying attention more during the "ahimsa" section of teacher training).

And so here I am on vacation - trying to balance this knee situation.

I had grand plans for several long hikes and attending yoga classes all week - as there are some great studios here in Tahoe. But my knee doesn't want vinyasa. It wants ice, low-impact cardio and restorative poses. It actually probably wants me to do nothing at all, but that is harder than not going to yoga class.

I think my knee secretly knows that we have week two of yoga teacher training this weekend and is sending me signals to rest up, maybe even via my mother. (My mom sent me a text indicating her prefence that I: take two alleve and take a few days off from all exercise). Note: I did take the Alleve.

And so I'm making friends with the elliptical, dialing down the hiking (boo!), and taking advantage of the hot tubs and the private yoga room. And I'm working on a TON of empathy (and some sequences) for my future students with injuries.

It might not be the type of practice that I am used to, but you simply can't argue with this view:

And despite an unusual amount of Alleve, ice, and laying around - I'm still on vacation - still spending quality, quiet time with my husband enjoying one of the most beautiful places in California.

And that's a pretty amazing opportunity to have - gimpy knee or not.

But, please, Universe, if we can just clear this one up quickly - I would be really appreciative.
XOXO - Abbie