A New Teacher in Town

When I decided to do teacher training, my mom sent me something special in the mail.

Your eyes were not deceiving you - it's Barbie.

But not just any Barbie. This is Yoga Teacher Barbie.

She is from the "I can be" series...of different occupations for today's girls. (They are trying).

Mattel was sweet enough to let this particular Barbie have something she didn't have when I was a kid - joints! And although she still has feet lifted for heels, the movable extremities have made her job as a yoga teacher SO MUCH EASIER.

Plus, she came with a promise for healthy fun!

Practice yoga with Yoga Teacher Barbie!
The tough part, though, was that Barbie really wasn't exhibiting the strong type of yoga I was hoping she would.

When she demonstrated Abs...something was...missing.

Pre-Transformation Yoga Teacher Barbie

And then it hit me. She needed some Forrest training.

And some tie-dye pants. So we did a makeover, and took her to a Forrest class.

We taught her some of the basic moves. We had to skip the active feet because sadly, Barbie can't do that in her current plastic state (no movable toes). And while expanding and telescoping the ribs was also difficult, she gave it her best efforts.

Barbie can do so many other things!

Like Elbow to Knee:

And Abs with a Mat:


In case you were wondering, Barbie also has a love-hate relationship with the rolled up mat.

Of course, an inversion:

This is where poor Barbie really needs those active feet!

And she has been working very hard at wrapping her shoulders during Down Dog:

She loves teaching advanced poses, like Scissors:

And easy bird of paradise:


But like all of us, she lives for Savasana:

If Barbie can do yoga, anyone can!

Do you like Barbie's ensemble? Curious where some Forrest Yogis get their flashy pants? check out Wildflower Dyes