Comfort and Joy

We all want comfort and hopeful assurances that things will be alright in this life - whether found in a manger story or in the ritual of the solstice or in the glow of candles on a menorah.

Life is about finding what comforts us and what brings us joy, even in the wake of uncertainty.

It is the time of year when we ask: What are we seeking?

The real beauty of this life is that life itself is fleeting.

We would never love a moment if we could have the same exact one any time we wanted.

Part of the real urgency of mindfulness is that we have no guarantees in this life.

We are promised nothing but one moment at a time.

And so above all, I think we all seek the same thing:

Peace in this moment.

Whatever the season means, may it bring you closer to peace.   

Tidings of comfort and joy.