Fears for Resolution and the What Ifs of Life

I have never been a big fan of New Year's festivities, and not simply because my normal bedtime is usually 10pm. 

It's the focus on resolutions.

Resolution seems like such a harsh, strict way of entering the new year: so permanent and with such high stakes. There is something that makes me cringe about choosing this one day a year to resolve to change. I think part of my resistance is that I have come to the realization that every day is a chance for a fresh start - really, every moment.

Society puts a lot of pressure on one particular time of year to make these big choices - without a whole lot of support for the occasional failure or fall.

And as yoga has taught me, you have to fall to learn and you have to fail to change.

So while "resolutions" might turn me off, I am a big fan of hopes, dreams, and the glass being half full. And during 2012, I really started feeling the pull of ritual, of seasons, and making more time for self-exploration. So, this year I softened to the idea of New Year's...but with a different focus.

I had this past week off from work and my brain had space and time to think about what I want to accomplish in the near term. I realized that a lot of my resistance to resolving to anything is my consistent fear of failure.

What if I put something out there to the world - and it doesn't happen? Or I change my mind? What will people think?

So I did something that I have rolled my eyes about in the past.

Public note to self: almost all of the things you roll your eyes at or say "I'll never do that" usually turn out to be things that are quite true, important, and awesome.

I made a vision board of my hopes and dreams for 2013. 

You mean - my mom asked me as I explained the project - a collage?

Yes, mom. I made a collage.

Vision Board or Collage - whichever way you want to look at it.
We all need reminders of what we want to be mindful of and the things that we want to manifest for our lives. This board encompasses what I want to embody in my life moving forward.

I also wrote down my hopes and dreams for 2013.

And I hung it, publicly, in my home. And I'll also put digital copies in my office.

And there is plenty of space left on this board for more hopes, dreams, and changes.

My favorite part of the vision board is this quote from Ganga White - about the What ifs.

What If Prayer by Ganga White

I had never seen the quote before...and I actually found it on an advertisement in a magazine of all places. 

There are a lot of "what ifs" in life. And we usually think of them in terms of worry. But WHAT IF we think of the term as possibility?

What if...I put my hopes and dreams and desires out there...and that single act was greater than any of the fear?

What if 2013 was a year of bravery?

Of boldly and courageously stepping into truth? And speaking that truth?

What if New Years Day was just ONE MORE REMINDER that every day is the perfect day to choose the path I want to follow?

I can get behind that resolution.


Full text of Ganga White's What If Prayer