Waking Up Early for What We Love

We were back at teacher training today, which meant an early wake up call.

I parked my car in the same spot on the same street as I usually do. Almost every morning that I go to teacher training, I spot a man in the distance walking slowly down the street. I have to admit, it's early in the morning, it's dark, and his slow, deliberate walk has always set my alarm bells off a bit.

Today, I wasn't watching carefully for much of anything as I was exceptionally tired. I opened my door and found myself face to face with this man.

And I realized he was dressed in the garb of a Hare Krishna. (There is a Krishna temple tucked away on the street).

He stopped his walking and looked at me. He smiled and pointed to my yoga mat slung over my arm.

Are you going to yoga? he asked.

I told him yes and smiled back.

Do you love it? he asked.

I do was my answer back.

He nodded, looked me directly in the eyes, and said:

We wake up early for what we love. And we always learn something from what we do in the morning.

Here was this person I had made an assumption about, offering me such profound wisdom.

I felt a little shift occur in my world.

He wished me a good class, I wished him a happy morning, and he continued on his walk as I crossed the street to the studio.

It was 5.45 am.

He was right. We always learn something from what we do in the morning.

Bay bridge at dawn. Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.