Stepping into Truth

This past weekend, our teacher training group taught a second set of public classes. 

It was amazing to see and hear the difference from November.

What a beautiful thing to watch people you care deeply about, and know that they are disarmed and vulnerable, moving from a place of authenticity.

On Saturday and Sunday, I watched eighteen other souls and myself teach from somewhere deeper. 

There have been moments during our training when I have questioned the process of looking deep and going further in connecting with our emotions and spirit, in touching the most wounded and fearful parts of ourselves. How much - I wondered - does it take to find yourself? How many layers? 
Or as I asked two fellow trainees this past week: Are we ever going to get past the shit?

I was a nervous wreck in the days leading up to our November class. That didn't happen this time, and the 90 minutes that I spent teaching and assisting this past Saturday was the calmest portion of my week. 

How did that happen?

This is what training teaches us. Your mouth still forms the words the same way, but you speak from your heart - not your head. You stand up to face a room and you ARE NOT your old story. You are operating from desire, not fear. 
When you strip the old stories away, what is left is the broken open truth in each one of us. 

If we didn't go deep - how would we know?  

There is power in knowing our truth.

With that knowledge, the way forward is clearer. Not planned, or set, or even steady, but illuminated.

It gives us a way to step into our power - not with harshness, but with affirmation of our own value as human beings - with gifts to offer the world. 

All this time, I thought it was yoga that was lighting the path. And it's not. 
It's us: individuals owning and speaking truth. 
That is the light.

Yoga is a tool to get you there, but as individuals, we have to do the work. We have to go deeper.
The real impact of our teaching is getting students to go deeper as well, whether in a pose or in connecting to spirit.

And in learning that it is never too late to step out of our stories and become awake to our truth.