The Everything Paradigm

My voice was cracking, sitting over breakfast on our last day of teacher training, just a few months ago.

I was weighing the pros and cons of what I wanted to do with my life and what I wanted to be when I finally grew up. It was a bit of heavy conversation over pancakes and an extra order of hash browns (to share, but not really : o)...but it was that kind of weekend.

What - I pondered out loud - if I try to do something different with my life...and it turns out to be nothing?  

It was fear talking, not really me. But it felt real all the same.

My friend Linzi leaned over - without missing a beat, and said simply:

What if it's everything?

It was a simple moment. A gut reaction from a friend, and small, simple words.

It has changed the way that I look at my life.

Every day I get up and think that EVERYTHING - the great big possibility of life -  is out there.

I do this even when I'm scared.

And the great big Everything is pretty awesome. It still scares the living shit out of me sometimes, but life is meant to be a verb. It is meant to be an action, not a passive object.

Everything is teaching even when you are worried you will forget your left from your right, volunteering in a jail, and finally feeling comfortable with assisting. It is sharing in your workplace that you teach a "real" yoga class.

Everything is trying out a new way of approaching coworkers at work. Of standing up for myself. Speaking truth even when it's risky. I've worked so hard to find out who I am - I should really BE that person!

Everything is believing that no pose, and no possibility, is out of reach. It is putting yourself out there and loving the act of trying, not the success.

Over the past months, while this blog has been a tad neglected, I have been trying out everything.

Just because it doesn't seem like you, doesn't mean it won't fit just right.

Like dressing up:

Photo courtesy of my favorite pap, Scott Finsthwait,
And getting down:

Photo courtesy of Linzi Oliver

Next week, Everything will be trying camping for the first time.

Practicing, courtesy of Christa Schnur
The minute that we look at life through this lens, the view shifts. Our life shifts. The world shifts.

This is the good stuff. This is Everything.