On Teacher Training: Lighting the Path with Pete Guinosso

In many ways, yoga has taught me how to live.

Committing to a yoga teacher training seemed like a natural progression in learning.

The six months of teacher training changed my life in ways that I never expected. It gave me the space and structure to channel everything that yoga had taught me into a new paradigm for how I approach the world.

A lot of life is simply showing up.But I have to give credit where credit is due. I had an amazing teacher for my training.

I have an amazing teacher.

Lighting the Path with Pete: His next training starts in September 2013!

Pete Guinosso is one of those rare people in life that makes room for everyone, and loves them all right where they are. With Pete, what you see is what you get.

I was drawn to Pete initially because he has a strong Forrest background and a sweet sense of humor, but I stayed because he has a beautiful heart.

Pete has given me a multitude of tools to face down the fears that have held me back for so long. Prior to training, it was more of a quiet nudging. Now it's a little more direct.

In the hundreds (quite literally) of classes that I have taken with Pete over the past three years - he has never once focused on a limitation. He has never said "you can't." He has acknowledged room to grow, has helped me back off or go deeper, and has watched me move from that girl in the back of class who was afraid to try everything - to someone who is embarking on a challenge to handstand in the middle of the room.

Post-training, I have realized that I have had the strength to do tough poses for a long time. I needed the confidence to trust myself. Now when I approach a new pose - I don't hesitate. If I'm afraid, I acknowledge it and move on. If it's tough, I try not to worry about how long it is going to take to get there. There is no longer if - it is simply a question of when. As a result of this shift, I no longer see falling as failure. I still get embarrassed, but I laugh about it more.

And imagine if you apply all of the above to something non-asana related. Because that's happening, too.

Lighting the Path made me a stronger practitioner of yoga and has made my home practice just as strong as my studio practice. I developed a new found confidence and feeling of worth. It gave me deep friendships that have fulfilled a need for understanding that I didn't know I had.

Oh, and I also learned how to teach yoga as a side benefit. I teach a weekly class now and I feel competent and capable. I still get nervous, of course, but when panic sets in, I just draw on what I was taught.

So the question is - what are you waiting for? Pete is running the training again starting on September 14th - and there are spots available!

You will learn anatomy and yogic history and you might be like me and squeal with delight when you finally figure out your radius from your ulna and name all the vertebrae. You will learn how to cue without saying "dropping" and "coming into" and somewhere along the line you will stop being so gut-wrenchingly nervous about standing up in the front of the room teaching yoga. You will lead a room full of strangers into a pose and realize that - they are doing what you told them to do. You will learn deep assists (only after you accidentally grab someone inappropriately a few times - that's why we call it PRACTICE). You will understand - at your core - that most people want and need to be touched - and that you can facilitate that in a healing way.

Perhaps most importantly, you will find an ever-expanding community. When I wake up most mornings, there are texts from fellow trainees who are as close as family. Checking in, geeking out on something related to yoga, sending love.

How did I get this lucky?

It's yoga. It's Pete. It's people who show up. It's showing up for yourself. We only have one chance to make a go at this path. And I'm happy to be on the one that is lit with beautiful people and experiences.

Yoga. Community. Love. LTP 2013 Graduates with Pete in Joshua Tree.

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