This post originally appeared as part of a series of blogs for Yoga Tree and Pete Guinosso

On the final day of training, our morning practice was heavy with anticipation and finality. As we moved through the day’s last asanas, I found myself glancing forward and backward, scanning the room, and taking in our final day together as trainees. 

And then it was over.

We moved into savasana, the familiar feeling of warmth rising and the cooling sensation of fresh air circulating just above us. I struggled, wiggled, and finally gave in to stillness as I let my breath go.

I felt a sweaty hand slip into mine as if it was meant to be there. And I felt my breath catch in my throat.

There is, perhaps, no pose as vulnerable as savasana – lying on your back, arms open wide, eyes closed, deep quiet and very little movement. It is a pose that acknowledges all of the work that the practice has done to open and make space.

The stillness of savasana has always challenged me.

And yet here I was, in this otherwise emotional last day, enjoying a place of calm and comfort.  

Loved, supported, and understood.

I squeezed the hand back gently and held on. I smiled as I recognized how comfortable it all truly was.

Community allows for togetherness and solitude all at once.  

I expected the yoga to change me, but it was the friendships that literally changed my whole world.

Lighting the Path Teacher Training is a slow, winding road to personal truth if you are willing to let yourself move from a place of vulnerability. Pete compassionately guides his trainees in confronting stories and conditioning and holds space for the community to support each other. These breakthroughs become the building blocks for strong, authentic teaching.

When you strip the old stories away, what is left is the broken open truth in each one of us. 

With that knowledge, the way forward is clearer. Not planned, or set, or even steady, but illuminated.

It gives us a way to step into our power - not with harshness, but with affirmation of our own value as human beings - with gifts to offer the world. 

Photo by Scott Finsthwait

 All this time, I thought it was yoga that was lighting the path. And it's not. 

It's us: individuals owning and speaking truth. 

That is the light.

Yoga is a tool to get you there, but we have to do the work. We have to go deeper.

The people that walked beside me as I did this deep personal work know the real me. We show up for each other. They are the first to support my adventures, but also the first to let me know when I am falling into old habits and choices. They know my family and can intuit my fears. I need that kind of truth in my life. In the months since we have finished our training, it is vulnerability that has allowed me to continue to grow my own light.

Community, to me, looks very much like savasana.

A celebration of making space and being open. Pockets of stillness. Peace.